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    Random Thoughts–Kotatsu

    I`ve decided that Fridays are random thought days. Random thoughts happen every day of the week, of course, but there`s something about knowing you have the next two days off to make the random thoughts stand out all the more somehow. 😛 Do you know what a kotatsu is? It`s a table, originating in Japan, that comes in varying sizes, and there is a heater attached to the underside. Jisho.org describes it as: “kotatsu; table over an electric heater (orig. a charcoal brazier in a floor well) with a hanging quilt that retains heat” It is awesome because then your feet and legs stay warm. And when your feet are…

  • Arts and Crafts,  Comics,  Drawing,  Japan,  My Life

    JET Program Year 3

    So I did get official confirmation that I get to stay a third year. However, that`s the limit, since my town is moving away from the JET Program. My supervisor specifically said that it had nothing to do with me, it was a town decision based on the way that they were going. This was pretty much my reaction: