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    Cake and other things

    Sunday I had Girl Scouts for the first time since before winter break. The troop in the town closest to me only meets once a month, so I`d missed both December and January. We made two things, a hinamatsuri ornament, and a fish. Well, the leader made the fish because I couldn`t figure out what I was supposed to do. But I put the eyes on it. ^^ Hinamatsuri is a Japanese holiday that takes place in March. It`s also called `Doll`s Day`. Girls collect dolls of this particular variation, and every year they`re displayed in one`s home till March 3rd. The legend goes that if you don`t remove them…

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    I cannot draw teapots

    That`s what I found out today. XD I had this show stuck in my head for some reason. One of my brothers showed it to me over winter break, and I haven`t really given it much thought since. But today I was thinking about it. It`s called “Over the Garden Wall.” While thinking of it, I attempted to draw one of the characters, Greg. It looks nothing like him! And the teapot definitely does not look like a teapot. The more I look at it, the more it kinda looks like an elephant. Which I suppose is a win, since the character was trying to dress up as an elephant…

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    Brown Sugar Banana Muffins

    The other day, I realized that I had to overripe bananas, and I still had two bananas in the freezer from last summer. So, I knew the easiest thing to do so that the food wouldn’t go to waste, is to make banana muffins. I waited for the weekend, and then Google searched a recipe. I came across this one: https://thenovicechefblog.com/2016/01/banana-brown-sugar-muffins/ It was all for the better that they used brown sugar, because it turned out that I did not have any white sugar left. I use paper cup liners, because I quickly realized that this would make way more muffins than the 12 that I can do. (I only…

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    Random Thoughts–Kotatsu

    I`ve decided that Fridays are random thought days. Random thoughts happen every day of the week, of course, but there`s something about knowing you have the next two days off to make the random thoughts stand out all the more somehow. 😛 Do you know what a kotatsu is? It`s a table, originating in Japan, that comes in varying sizes, and there is a heater attached to the underside. Jisho.org describes it as: “kotatsu; table over an electric heater (orig. a charcoal brazier in a floor well) with a hanging quilt that retains heat” It is awesome because then your feet and legs stay warm. And when your feet are…

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    JET Program Year 3

    So I did get official confirmation that I get to stay a third year. However, that`s the limit, since my town is moving away from the JET Program. My supervisor specifically said that it had nothing to do with me, it was a town decision based on the way that they were going. This was pretty much my reaction:

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    What is magick?

    “What is magick?” It`s a question that has no easy answer, especially since the exact definition changes depending on who is answering that question. If you check your Funk and Wagnalls, (or any other dictionary if you’ve never seen Laugh In) it gives four possible definitions:  n.  sleight of hand  av.  magically  aj.  of the nature of magic; having magical power; magical  n.  any supposed supernatural art; necromancy Out of those options, the last one seems the closest to the magick I`m talking about today. But it`s still not quite right. So I checked a second dictionary, Merriam-Webster. They have three definitions, one of which is the same, and one…

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    Randomly, cookies

    I always make cookies for my schools the last day before vacation. This time I figured oh why don’t I decorate them? But, I am not really good at that. That was nowhere near what I wanted them to look like, so I was very glad that that was my test batch. I might try again at some point, but I think I’m safer just going with regular cookies for now. I can always figure something out for the leftover frosting. 😉

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    Life (sorry, mostly doll pictures :P)

    Sorry I don`t remember to update a lot. I mean to, it just never seems to happen. 😛 Which is why I titled this post `life`. As in `life has gotten in the way of me remembering to update my blog` also known as, I`m a bit lazy. XD Actually though, what seems to be the problem is that, in my head, I write a post, or think of something I want to write for a post, and then, since in my head it`s all written, it never gets physically written down. Ah well. Back on topic, do you remember I said I was trying Nanowrimo? November is national novel…

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    Last Monday and today

    Forgot to post pictures last Monday, when I meant to, mostly because I`m lazy. 😛 Last Monday was a day off of school for me because I`d had to work Saturday, when the Jr. High had their school festival. (Which was fun and the third years made a haunted house again). But anyway, because everyone was at school on Saturday, we all got Monday off. I`m in touch with and sometimes talk to the mother of a couple of my students, Mrs. I. We got to talking one time when they came to one of the Girl Scout events, and we`d kept in touch since. And she`d asked me if…