About Skylance

Hello! If you`re reading this, then you probably want to know a little bit about me. ^_^

This is me (I`m the one standing next to Pikachu):



That`s what I look like, but w​​hat would you like to know about me? I grew up the oldest of seven children, and my current goal is to become a kindergarten teacher in Japan. My current job is as an assistant language teacher in that same country. I`m from East Coast America (fluffernutter, maple, Boston Baked Beans, leaf peepers, summer tourists…) and have loved Japan since I was in second grade.

I`ve been Wiccan since June 2002, when I converted. Converted from what? I`m not really sure. My dad`s Jewish and my mom`s Christian, so I grew up with a mix of holidays and traditions, and I love them all.

Most of what I know about witchcraft in general is self taught through books and meditation, and a mixture of my beliefs and values. Life has a way of getting busy, and one of my current goals is to focus on my witchcraft more and learn more about it, which is one of the major reasons for this blog. The other, now, is to keep in touch with family and friends who may be far away.

Angels have a strong presence in my life, and I tend to go to them for advice and meditation quite often.

I’m an Aries, though I only made it to being an Aries by a day! For Chinese Zodiac, I’m the year of the Horse. I was born under the Archangel Michael.

I am currently working on earning my Corellian first degree, though that`s something I tend to procrastinate on a little more than I should. After over a year, I`m still a little stuck on the final essays!
What else…. ok, random facts: I have six younger siblings (yes, six. three brothers, and three sisters. None of them are wiccan). My guardian angels probably definitely work overtime when I drive. My favorite actor is James Dean. =D

Also, I’m a little obsessed with Asian Ball-Jointed dolls. ^_^ (They have their own set of pages on the blog!)

Feel free to contact me, or subscribe to my blog to see what I`m up to! I love hearing comments and suggestions. Any ideas on what I should write about next? Let me know!